Accuracy of Qantas Points Calculator

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Hi. A question regarding the 'Earning Points & Status Credits Calculator' on the Qantas web site:

I notice that for many of the common city pairs (eg. SYD > MEL, SYD > BNE, ADL >SYD, TSV > BNE etc) the points calculator indicates that Frequent Flyer Silver/Gold/Platinum members accrue the same amount of points as a Bronze member (irrespective of fare class selected). I was under the impression that higher ranks of the Frequent Flyer program should enjoy a status bonus for their Qantas flight bookings (eg. 75% more points for Gold). So, would I be correct in saying that the Qantas Points Calculator is not a reliable tool ?


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For short flights the status bonus will likely lead to a total number of points less than or equal to the minimum points guarantee. You can see this when looking at the activity statement for the flights you've taken.


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For short sectors the ‘minimum points guarantee’ is not reached hence everyone gets the same points. If you look at a route such as east coast to Darwin you will notice the difference in points per FF tier

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