Has QF increased the frequency of BNE-LAX ?

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I looked at some flights in Feb. I can see two departures and two arrivals for BNE-LAX on the same day with the dreamliner.

Have QF increased their frequency, when did this start?


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Yep the frequency has increased.

A new service started recently as they switched from the 747 to the 787. This was mainly done to ensure that capacity wasn't reduced.

The 747 used to deliver 2548 seats weekly (in each direction) however the change to a 787 reduced this to 1652 seats. Qantas have offset this by adding a 4x weekly 787 service in addition to the existing QF15/16 (now operated by a 787) to deliver a similar 2596 seats between BNE-LAX each week. Due to the shortage of spare 787's the new QF55/56 is currently operating 3x weekly with a 747 but this will soon change to a 787 and become 4x weekly.

The two flights to LAX are:

BNE-LAX - QF15 - 10:10am to 6:00am (this was the existing flight now operated by a 787 through to JFK) (Daily)

BNE-LAX - QF55 - 5:50pm to 1:30pm (the new flight currently operated by a 747 3x times daily soon to become 4x weekly operated by a 787)

The return flights:

LAX-BNE - QF16 - 11:20pm to 6:05am +2 (Daily)

LAX-BNE - QF56 - 10:15pm to 5:00am +2 (will be M, Thu, F, Sat when the 787 comes online)

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The good news is, on the respective days, you have a choice of departure times from BNE. One morning, one afternoon. This is what the airlines are aiming to do. A win for passengers.

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