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Hey all,

Wondering if anyone could please give me some advice/help.

Looking to make an urgent trip to Hong Kong from east coast of Australia in early October 2018. Looking to book a classic rewards flight, and the only thing I can find is from East coast to HK business, but nothing return.

I know you’ll probably all say that this is near impossible because the flight is way too close now, but does anyone have an idea of any options at all for a possible reward business flight from Hong Kong to Australia in early October? Even with Qantas partners?

Are pathetic QFF golds like myself able to call and request for a release of a rewards flight, or is this a completely fruitless exercise and not worth the 1 hour waiting queue on the phone, and I am destined to be stuck in cattle class?

Thank you so much!

Chris C.

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If the Qantas website isn't automatically suggesting it as a connection to where you want to go, try searching on other routes like Hong Kong to Brisbane, to Cairns, to Adelaide or even to Perth, which are all served by Oneworld partner Cathay Pacific (and Brisbane by Qantas, too). If you're able to find award space, you could then search for a multi-city trip to get your journey all booked (e.g. 'Hong Kong to Adelaide' + 'Adelaide to Sydney'), although the points needed will be a bit higher than flying direct if including a Cathay Pacific flight plus a connecting Qantas flight, as the two airlines are priced on different tables in QFF.

Another option to consider if you have some spare Velocity points, is to fly Hong Kong Airlines from HK to the Gold Coast (if you're returning to Australia before the route is cancelled on October 28), or Hong Kong Airlines from HK to Auckland, as both of those flights tend to have good reward availability for Velocity members. You could then use some Qantas points to book yourself an onward flight from Gold Coast/Auckland to your home base - but as that'd be a separate ticket on a different alliance, you'd want to leave plenty of time in between arrival and departure to be on the safe side, as you wouldn't have a 'protected' connection and would have to collect and re-check baggage.

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Cathay usually release unused j seats for award bookings 2 days out. Check the loads on expert flyer to see if seats are available to purchase


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Flights to HK are so cheap at the moment, you are probably looking at only a few hundred difference between a fare and taxes on a redemption.


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Award space generally open up closer to departure so keep checking. Consider virgin australia’s Routes hkg to Mel if you have velocity points to redeem. Consider Asia miles if you have transferable Amex points and redeem for Cathay pacific. Depending on when you are returning to Melbourne, I see $250 cash fares if you depart 12th or later. That is decidedly better value than redeeming for an economy award.

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