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Hi, I have had to make a change to a booking and take a voucher. We hope to be ready to make another booking in the next few months but looking at the conditions they seem a bit ambiguous. We have a change fee which will be applied but the conditions state "This credit voucher can only be used for a fare of equal or higher value than your original fare".

As we booked during the DSC promo we paid more than what we can actually get the same fare on sale now. Does this term mean we have to pay the change fee in addition to the fare we book with the voucher, or can we apply the voucher to new fares and also any change fees? Everything I read does not make this clear?

Thanks for any heads up on the best way to use the voucher is appreciated.


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The change fee is likely applied after the ticket which in this case should be higher in value to your original ticket without said change fees as to use your voucher.

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