Can't book MH direct flight from Australia to Malaysia using Qantas points

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Hi all,

I noticed that when I search the J class MH flight from MEL-KUL or SYD-KUL on Qantas website, it doesn't give me the direct flight option. It only gives the connecting flight option i.e. if I search MEL-KUL, then it will show MEL-SYD then SYD-KUL. If I search SYD-KUL, it will show SYD-MEL then MEL-KUL. Anyone knows what is going wrong with Qantas website? I don't want to call their FF number as I don't want to hold for an hour or more.


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This is interesting. I don't seem to have the option to book even a Aus to KUL route by malaysia. Award searches only show Qantas to Malaysia connections in Singapore, Cathay routes and Emirates. Even when buying revenue ticket on Qantas website does not return a Direct flight from Australia to Kuala Lumpur. Interested to see what the issue is.



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- I don't see why QF would list a direct MH flight as an option whilst searching for revenue flights to KUL considering they don't codeshare or operate that route in their own right.


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I noticed this a couple of weeks ago so I certainly wouldn't hold my breath that it would fix itself any time soon.

Add to the list of website errors is that if you mix two partner airlines eg. CX & MH in one journey (no stopovers) then the website charges you more because it calculates the CX portion as a separate one way award and the MH portion as a separate one way award. This error has been around for a long time so I doubt there is any plan to fix it.

No doubt that if these errors were in the customer's favour then they would be fixed in hours.

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