KF Gold via 3 flight promotion-Update

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I signed up with the Kris Flyer-Shangri La Jade (I’m diamond) Gold promotion. I got my 3 (even though i needed just one) flights credited yesterday.

My account still shows up as Silver.

Should i call SQ to see if they can manually change to Gold (due to promotion)?


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These things generally take about a week to credit. Calling krisflyer may help to expedite this process (put in a word sort of thing) though I doubt this can be manually changed.


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I signed up to the same Shangri La Jade to Krisflyer Silver program. The conversion email from KF to KF silver took 1 day. I got an email notification from SIA Krisflyer of my status upgrade to Silver.

I then did 4 sectors of SQ, but too my annoyance, the recognition of the 3 flights on SQ to upgrade you to gold took like 2 weeks. I was notifies by a similar email informing me of my upgrade to KF Gold.

So my message to you is be patient. 2 weeks.... and enjoy the Star Alliance Lounges... as I did this morning on TG.

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