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Hi All,

Question regarding emirates redemptions on QF domestic legs. I have a few skywards miles that are expiring soon and want to use them up on some domestic QF legs - the predicament is that i don't have enough for the return journey i want, but do have enough for one of the legs and would then have some points leftover. From the looks of the emirates website you can only use points+pay for flights on EK metal? Is there any way for me to say, book the outbound QF flight i need and use up points, then use points plus cash for the return QF leg?

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You should be able to just use points to make a one-way reward booking on Qantas - unlike all of Skywards' other partners, Qantas flights can be booked directly on the Emirates website, so try searching and see what comes up for the one-way reward flight.

However, Emirates doesn't sell Qantas flights as standalone revenue fares (which is where points + pay comes in), so unless the flight were included on a broader paid international booking, you won't be able to do that.

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