My SQ Upgrade - 2 pax seperate bookings?

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My partner and I both received very enticing upgrade offers to PE (the slider scale starts at $285) but we're on seperate bookings. If we put in the same offer what's the chance that one will be upgraded and not the other? It's an A350 SIN-BCN. Anyone been in this boat before?


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This happens all the time and you're not alone. Is there a chance that one of you will get the offer and the other one won't, Yep!

Once you get the offer you can't decline it, so it's either you both get PE, one get's PE or none gets PE and you don't have a choice it comes down to seating left.

I've never had much luck with MySQ BidUpgrades but if the load isn't heavy then it should be ok. VA domestic I can get them all the time (non triangle routes) on the lower end and my tip is to go $5-10 above the minimum as many others will get the offer and just put in the minimum.

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