Bose quiet control 30 headphones

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I am thinking of buying Bose QC 30 headphones to use to block noise out on overnight flights

Has anyone used while sleeping and are they comfortable?
Thanks Stuart


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Tried it out in the bose store. Does a decent job but for the same price I got the qc35 overear headphones which do a much better job of cancelling noise. Unless you really need a pair of earphones I would suggest the cans are a much better bet.


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This article might help you:

I personally use the Bowers and Wilkins PX headphones, however some people don't find them as comfortable as the Bose or Sony ones.


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I would agree with djtech, although I ended up going with the QC30. I was concerned that wearing glasses may affect the quality of the noise cancelling. Also, they are physically smaller, and I already have way too much stuff on my carry on (both weight and space)

I always sleep with them on flights, no worries.

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Bought QC30 last weekend also for the ease of wearing to office on/bus train, Skype calls at work, airport lounge, connect to iPad for Virgin IFE and music at desk in open plan. It can transition through the day with you as long as you have a collar to hide the band if you self conscience about it.

Has anyone found a good Bluetooth adaptor to connect it to the IFE without lag?

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