Next Qantas Japan Sale? (Osaka & Tokyo)

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Hi All,

I'm thinking of going to Japan (Osaka and or Tokyo) early next year in late Feb-March for a week and wanted to know when you guys think there might be another sale? A few months back i did see a great sale for around $700 however as i see it for currently for this period its around $1300-1600. 

I know were are getting closer to Christmas and peak season but i guess i'm after your advise and suggestion. 

> Should i book now & pay the $1300-1600 for dates in late Feb-March or should i wait until the NEW YEAR and hopefully there might be a sale or atleast lower in price?  

Thanks for your suggestions. Looking forward to your tips. 



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Qantas has a sale today at the Flight Centre Expo for $599 return ex Melbourne


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Sales for flights to Japan usually occurs (as they have been in the past) around May or June, another at July or August, and another October to November. Since we had a sale quite recently, i doubt there will be another sale until next year but you never know.

There may not be an official Qantas sale but still cheap flights on certain dates. I would suggest following a baseline price of 500 - 700 dollars being a cheap price to lock in for a economy ticket. If it is below $600, I would absolutely grab it on the spot.

If you absolutely must book now, I like the captain's package from flight center. For $60, I get price drop protection so I get reimbursed a voucher for the drop in ticket price.

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