ANZ bonus 75 SC does not count towards Lifetime Status

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A very interesting data point.

I am currently 515 SC away from LTS, and I have 475 SC booked. There is a difference of 75 SC between Status counter and LT counter, the only 75 SC was from the ANZ sign-up bonus.

I have emailed QFF. Their response is attached, I have no idea what they were referring to, but very interesting to know there are so many bonus SC offers out there...


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I assume that a higher level anz travel rewards card offered 150 status credits so, your 50% offer is not eligible for life time status.

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You've gotta wonder how much back end business rules palava exists at Qantas to manage these programs. It just feels like they're very quick to put in an exclusion or carve out. DSC but not on JQ metal (even though they own it), no LT accrual on credit cards etc etc. What happened to simplicity for the consumer?

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