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Need some sleeping time tips:

I’m flying CX MEL to NY in December and im wondering if anyone has had any experience or sleeping tips on the journey on how to best adjust to New York time?

I leave Melbourne at 1am, arrive HKG in the morning then depart at 4:20pm, arrive New York at 7:05pm.

J to HKG, F to JFK

Any tips?


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The moment i board the aircraft, i think of the time zone i'm going to be landing in and sleep for that timezone. It may be difficult, but if you persist, it makes your life much better.

If you have the opportunity, start 24 hrs prior to journey. This is only critical if you are heading to North/South America or Europe


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I'd sleep to HKG as much as you can, a wee nap after take off on the way to New York, and then stay awake as long as possible so you're ready to sleep when you get to your hotel.

Ideally a nice long sleep and you'll wake up fresh and ready to go the next morning.


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I just tried the "timeshifter" app (available on iOS and Android) for my last trip from Australia to the US. I just used the first trip free option and I found it somewhat useful in preparing for my flights. It includes suggested sleeping times, when to drink caffeine and to get out in bright light etc. The notifications were helpful as they start a few days before your trip to start conditioning your body for the timezone shift. Would I pay for a paid plan? Probably not, but for a free trial I found it somewhat useful.


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whatever you plan won't work so just stay awake until you feel tired. Better to enjoy yourself than sit there worrying about the fact that you should be asleep. Have a cocktail in the air on me!

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