Qantas (QBE) travel insurance - is there a better option?

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Okay, this is posted is under Qantas as the insurance in focus is the resold/packaged offering from QBE ( - what is the general fell for this from members here past and present?

 Have you taken out a Qantas\QBE policy in the past and made a claim, has it met your exceptions? Missing from the policy is a condition most of us will experience if travelling frequently - "connecting flight form another airline is cancelled or delayed" As a word of warning for future policy holders these are the current 14 conditions your policy will be assessed by:

1. You being unable to start or finish the trip because of the death, sudden serious Illness or serious Injury

arising before or during the trip of:

a. you; or

b. a member of your travelling party; or

c.o of a relative, who is a resident in Australia or New Zealand.

The following conditions apply:

a) the death has occurred or the Illness or Injury requires hospitalisation or confinement; or

b) you or a member of your travelling party are certified medically unfit to travel by a Medical

Practitioner; or

c) in the case of a Mental Illness,

i. a diagnosis has been made by a Medical Practitioner; and

ii. the diagnosed individual has been assigned a Mental Health Treatment Plan; and

iii. the Mental Illness prevents you from travelling.

2. You are unable to start or finish the trip because of the death, sudden serious Illness or serious Injury

arising before or during the trip of a business partner or co-worker. But before we will cover you, you

must provide us with proof that the business partner or co-worker’s absence due to death, sudden

serious Illness or serious Injury made the cancellation or ending of the trip necessary and you have

written confirmation of that fact from a senior representative or director of the business.

3. Cancellation or restriction of pre-paid scheduled public transport services caused by severe

weather, natural disaster, riot, strike or civil commotion. You must have done everything reasonable to

avoid the expenses. You must also get the carrier’s written confirmation of your claim.

4. Your pre-paid accommodation being destroyed or uninhabitable due to severe weather or natural

disaster and no alternative equivalent accommodation is available in the vicinity. You must have done

everything reasonable to obtain alternative accommodation. You must also have written confirmation of

your claim from an official of the hotel or government body where the incident took place.

5. A member of the travelling party being required to do jury service or being confined in compulsory quarantine.

6. You being involved in a motor vehicle, railway,air or marine accident. You must have written confirmation

of the accident from an official body where the accident happened.

7. Loss(excluding Government confiscation)of your passport, travel documents or credit cards.

8. A member of your travelling party who is a full time student being required to sit supplementary examinations.

9. A member of your travelling party being made redundant from full time usual employment in Australia.

10. The cancellation of pre-arranged leave for full time employees of the police, fire, ambulance or

emergency services.

11. Your normal place of residence in Australia being destroyed or rendered in secure due to a natural disaster.

12. The cancellation of a wedding, conference, pre-paid concert, course, tuition or sporting

event and the sole purpose of the trip is to attend that wedding,conference,

concert, ,course, tuition or sporting event.

13. A member of your travelling party being affected by any form of insolvency,

administration or bankruptcy of their employer.

14. A tour operator or wholesaler cancelling a tour because there are not enough people

to begin or complete the tour. Cover is limited to the pre-paid cost of the airline

tickets purchased to reach the departure point of the tour.


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I do it if there's a good points bonus. All of my claims have been paid - but all for damaged luggage. They have also in the past insured me for trips into North Korea which my usual provider doesn't do, and paid out for claims I made there. I would ask Qantas/QBE for the missed connection coverage, it might be covered under section 3 - "restriction" seems vague.

Travel insurance direct is my preferred provider, mainly because they outline very, very clearly what they pay for, and its pretty generous. They have always paid for missed connections, in some cases they've paid extremely generously, where I have chosen more expensive hotels due to location near the airport.

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I take out an annual policy with Qantas/QBE and have done so for years. Apart from a very minor car damage claim several years ago, I've never had to make a claim - until a few months ago.

I was on an extended trip overseas and had THREE medical incidents resulting in private treatment (2 in the UK, 1 in the US). Upon my return to Australia, I lodged the claims (lots of paperwork required, which was a bit painful, but that's how it works). One of the claims I was half expecting them to at least question (as it was probably a bit of a grey area under the wording of the policy), but to their credit, no questions were asked at all and all the claims were paid within a couple of weeks. During that period, I got regular email and phone updates on their progress through the system - if anything, there was a bit too much of this. (I didn't really need to get courtesy phone calls to tell me when a claim had moved from one stage of the process to the next!)

So all up - a great outcome, very good customer service, and I'm feeling that I'm getting at least some of the value back from all the years of buying annual policies! I'm happy to stick with QBE and recommend them to others.

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