Amazing Alaska MileagePlan Qantas Premium Redemption to HNL!

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Cant believe my luck. Snagged 4X PE seats using Alaska miles (47.5k) ADL-HNL in May 2019 with free 3 night layover in Sydney.

There was NO availability according to ExpertFlyer OR the Qantas Reward Engine. Same for American/British Airways/AsiaMiles.

To top it off, the taxes were $150AUD each compared to what would have been ~$400 with Qantas.

It seems like since theyve loaded the 747 on the route, still subject to Government approval, somehow Alaska has exposed the seats, whether incorrectly or not, it doesnt matter, got a confirmed booking, with a Qantas confirmation number, and i've gone into Qantas website and selected seats.

Try it for yourself, check HNL-SYD June 5th PE 4 seats via the Alaska engine.

What did bother me a little (hey, when I get a home run, I want a REAL home run), is that Alaska have passed on the Australian PMC ($60AUD) for my 2 children, which is in direct contravention of the rule. I rang them to explain it, they said to call back and speak to MileagePlan tomorrow. She said that they just pass on taxes PER SEAT, not based on who sits in it. This is poor. This is clearly a charge they cannot legally impose. Can anyone elaborate here? FYI below.

Flight total for 4 passengers: 190,000 miles + $405.72

The American Express ending with *******1009 has been charged a total of USD $405.72.
A total of 190,000 miles has been deducted from Mileage Plan account *******8094.
Total per passenger

47,500 miles + $101.43


47,500 miles

Base fare

47,500 miles

Taxes and fees


Australia Passenger Movement Charge PMC


Australia Passenger Service Charge Domestic Arrival / Australia Passenger Service Charge Domestic Departure


Australia Passenger Services Charge Departure International


Australia Safety And Security Charge Departure


US APHIS user fee


US Customs user fee


US Immigration user fee

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