QF9 and QF10 delays 27 November

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Anyone know what the issue is with the 25 hour delay of QF9 from Perth to London today 27 November? Mechanical? Weather? Scheduling? This has resulted in the return QF10 from London to Perth 27 November to be delayed 20 hours (I'm on that flight).

The potential good news for me is €600 compensation because of the length of the flight and the length of the delay.


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Reading australianfrequentflyer forums it has been delayed due to forecast bad weather in London (Storm Diana?). They were originally going to offload 40 pax and bags so they can carry extra fuel. Apparently crew is out of hours hence now delayed 25 hours

Don't know about compensation but doing a little reading, compensation does not apply for delays due to bad weather

A quick google search told me

"Compensation under the EU Regulation. In general, air passengers are not entitled to any compensation if their flight is heavily delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, because the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation describes these scenarios as “extraordinary circumstances".

Although its always worth a shot

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