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My wife few out of LAX last night and couldn't perform the online check in , the message on her Smartphone was that she had to log in on a PC or Tablet of which she had neither
Anyone else with a similar experience ?



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Generally international flights don’t allow online check in anyway as a passport has to be verified.


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QF app is not a good one, even for domestic use, online check in is often unavailable and you have to use a PC. The issue for me arises when I have multiple trips within 24hrs of each other, it won’t let you progress past the first trip. I rang QF out of frustration one time as I mainly travel with just phone for short trips, and they advised its a common thing.


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I am presuming that you / your wife is using the Android version of the QF mobile app, where reports of the same issue have been commonplace for the past 12 months or so. It also explains why this app is rated 2.9 out of 5 .. and possibly one of the poorest rating of all Android mobile airline apps

For some unknown reason, QF has a consistent problem with developing mobile Android apps. The Qantas Cash app regularly attracts complaints about persistent login as well. Whether this is due to outsourcing development of these apps (which I suspect) or just an inability to understand Android is an issue that is inflicted on most Android users. For some reason, the Apple versions of these programs don't attract the same criticism. Problem is however, that Android has the far larger market share.

The only options are: 1) Lodge an appropriate review on the Google Play Store, under the Qantas app. 2) Email the developer direct -- this is in the 'About' section of the app. 3) Make a formal email / phone or web complaint to Qantas Customer Care.

BTW. QF does allow international on-line checkin. I do it regularly. However, you may have to present at a Check-In counter for certain functions, particularly if you are seated in in an exit row etc. Some airlines will allow OLCI on a mobile device, some do not.

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