Redeem multiple vouchers with Priority Pass?

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Hi all,

Sorry if I'm just being stupid. But suppose I get the Priority Pass membership with unlimited visits (the most expensive package). I live in Melbourne, and in most of the domestic terminals Priority Pass gives me $36 vouchers to a few restaurants. Does this mean I can redeem unlimited times? Whether at the same restaurant or at different restaurants? I can't see any information in the fine print that limits me from doing this.


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In Melbourne, there are no restaurants you can redeem the $36 credit against in any of the domestic terminals (they are all in T2 after passport control). There's only the REX lounge in T4.

You can use an unlimited membership once at each place per departure. So if there were a number of Priority Pass restaurants accessible, you could theoretically hit up each one once for a $36 credit (or visit different lounges within a terminal).

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