LATAM Travel Again Vouchers (Scam or Not)

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Has anyone tried LATAM's ‘Plusgrade's Travel Again Voucher' it almost seem too good to be true. I've seen it reported on a few travel blogs. I've used Plusgrade's for upgrades on a few airlines and used its "Neighbour-Free service on Etihad successfully.

Here's the link:

T&C link (in Spanish only, but used google translate for English version):

The basics of Plusgrade's Travel Again Voucher:

Spend US$500 today on LATAM Travel Voucher and redeem it later for USS650 (5% return per month for 6 months).

These $500 vouchers cannot be exchanged within the next three months. After 3 Month the value of a $500 voucher is then worth $575. From there, it gains $25 in value for every month you wait, up to a maximum of $650 after six months.

You can buy the voucher from $100 up to $2,000 per person.

The voucher is only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and you need to call the call centre if the total amount exceeded the voucher amount when you redeem for it to be re-credited in to your voucher.

P.S. Some vouchers are saying sold out already.

It's a 30% return on investment it seem too good to be true.

Any thoughts?

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