Any luck with Virgin Refunds?

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Booked a flight (within WA, ~$2000 return) in June after administrators took over. Fully Flex Y fare, fare conditions allowed cancellation and refund to original form of payment less $80 fee, Ended up cancelling the day before flight (using web form for cancellation, since was after hours and no phone contact possible). Received acknowledgement email. 58 days later still waiting for refund. Finally braved the phone queue today and was told it was all ok, it is in the "refund queue" and they are being done sequentially. Agent could not give a time frame but the accounts department is "understaffed and very busy". Also the accounts department don't take phone calls. I said 2 months is a long time to wait for $2000 so it must be a long refund queue. I asked for escalation, which the agent agreed, but his supervisor was already on a call with others waiting. I got disconnected by Virgin about 10 mins into waiting for Supervisor, without talking to anyone else. It is frustrating that it is impossible to even speak to anyone about this and I'm expected to just wait and hope that I get my money back in an unknown time frame.

Anyone had any luck getting a refund in similar circumstances, or a similar story to mine? I knew I may not need to travel when I booked but had to have the flight just in case and I only booked with Virgin after reading their website very carefully that bookings after 20 April were subject to 'normal' published conditions including ability to refund if cancelled before departure time.

Otherwise - is it worth lodging a dispute with my bank? Or any other ideas?

Ryan K

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No, not yet. I'm actually still waiting on a credit to go into my Travel Bank (VA wouldn't give me a refund) from a cancelled flight back in May. As well as this, I'm still waiting on a Tigerair flight (also cancelled) credit. I've had no luck at all getting these converted to refunds.


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I called up yesterday regarding flights to NZ in October after the VA website was updated overnight for bookings until end of October. Refund to travelbank was processed on the spot


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Pandemic Panic has brought to the surface all the lying, thieving and cheating companies, many of which are airlines. So they will be damned and nobody should have any sympathy for them when they go out of business. Worst still is that governments do not have the guts to enforce their own (our protection) regulations regarding refunds. Pandemic Panic.


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got an email from VA refunding a cancelled flight which I used travel bank credit for. The email indicated that the credit went back into travel bank - fair enough. Went to travel bank which showed NIL balance, then went to transactions - yes credit applied but with the original travel credit expiry date applied - so the credit is not accessible, it had expired before it was applied...not sure how an IT system even allows that to happen.

Michael Kao

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I got my refunds. Took a few months but got it back.


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Nope, $9k MIA

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