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Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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What a lovely surprise I just got from VA. A princely 159 points from their "share of 20,000,000 Velocity points" giveaway :)

That should get me an economy reward seat from Perth Terminal 1 to the taxiway for runway 24


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Virgin has done this sort of promotion before with the same result - it’s just a bit of fun.


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Ultimately it is a bit of fun and something that generates a lot of free marketing when taken up by the media


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

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I was frankly surprised to receive that many points. If you do the maths, it means that the 20 million points were divided among 125,000 Velocity members -- just over 1% of the total membership (approximately 10 million).

I was expecting about 10% of the members to activate the offer, meaning we would have received 20 points each.

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