Virgin and Qantas Flex Fare Refund

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Was it always the case one would have to call guest services to get a refund when cancelling a flexible fare? I don't know what it was pre covid.

I am able to cancel in manage booking but only option online is to select a future travel credit. If I want a refund have to call and who knows how long the wait time is these days. And then Virgin is 21 days and Qantas is 8 wks to process a refund. As if they have donkeys manually processing refunds - it's all automated back to form of original payment. It's pretty dire for Airlines I get it but some will be tricked online into cancelling and issuing refund to future credit (which can't be reversed) or just give up after waiting 2 hours to speak to someone...and the fact they hold onto your money for up to 2 months is theft considering how much interest they'll make off the $$$ - should I be surprised ACCC hasn't done anything about this or am I just acting as an over privileged white man with first world problems?

Both Qantas and Virgin are like this. Has ET a recent article on how to get refunds processed with our domestic airlines?

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