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It's probably a bit late now but have any Platinum/ Centurion AMEX card holders requested +/- been successful in getting a waive or discount on their annual card fee?


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I considered asking but decided against it. Over the past year AMEX has given me a $400 credit on everyday shopping, $200 credit at David Jones, two $50 Platinum Reserve credits, and various other lesser credits that I've used. In addition I managed to use my $850 worth of Travel Credits and my free AccorPlus night when the interstate borders were open from December to May. So I received more than my annual fee's worth in credits back: not as much as I would normally receive back, but nevertheless more than would justify a waiver or discount.


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I've not bothered to ask as I've twice considered giving up the card in the past 8+ years only for AMEX to incentivise me to stay.

Since the pandemic I think AMEX have been the leader in offering additional benefits and credits to customers.

In terms of their credit offers they've always turned up when we've been considering a key purchase. So far this year:

  • I've been able to use my $450 travel credit at Harvey Norman
  • $200 DJ's credit
  • $400 Woolworths credit
  • $200 with Lenovo
  • $75 with Mr Porter
  • $50 of misc savings at retailers (lots of $5 and $10 refunds).

We've also been renovating our house so I've been able to go to town on more than half of the 3x, 5x, and 10x points offers.

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