Cancelling classic rewards flight

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I called Qantas to ask why my FF points hadn't been credited after cancelling a classic reward flight online. On hold for 4.5 hours despite calling after 10pm. Told that it now takes up to 8 weeks for points to be credited (previously it was 48 hours for points and up to 8 weeks for taxes/charges).


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Got the taxes/charges back. Still waiting for the points. It had been just over a month

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I cancelled a domestic Qantas Reward flight 2 weeks ago and the Points were refunded in 4 minutes. Recent experience with other cancelled Reward tickets the cash component took about 4 weeks.


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I cancelled a QF Classic Rewards on Emirates in October. Points credited within 2 weeks, but fees and taxes are still pending. I’ve emailed Qantas multiple times and disputed the charge with my Credit Card to no avail yet either.


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Finnair cancelled Tokyo legs of a return European trip due in Aug/Sep, so I decided to cancel whole trip and start again. Received points within the hour, however email said they were working on cash refund. However I also cancelled a separate section of my journey from Helsinki to Amsterdam as well, as no longer needed. However 5 days later there are no email, points refunded, or cash...nothing, and the trip has disappeared from qantas website. My question is, because this flight was made via qantas website for a trip outside of Australia, does anyone know if the the refund of points and cash take longer? The points haven't shown up on the activity tracker either, despite the rest of my cancellings being shown.

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An update on my previous post...I spoke with my credit card company about the long wait to get the money back onto my credit card. I had the refunds back in my account within 5 days. Refund of points for legs of trip booked outside Australia soon followed. So maybe if Qantas is taking too long ring your credit card company and they will chase the cash refund up for you.

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