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If you are a reader and have a general question, we suggest you first visit our Community and post in the relevant section. Executive Traveller staff are not in a position to provide personal travel advice or any form of financial advice.

Editorial enquires

David Flynn
Editor-in-Chief, Executive Traveller
[email protected]

Advertising enquiries

Siddharth Raja
Publisher, Executive Traveller
+61 (0) 403 174 282
[email protected]

Travel industry and PR agencies

Press releases and story pitches can be sent to [email protected]However, please do not contact us to ask if we received your press release, if it’s of interest, if we will be covering it or to 'follow up'.

To request a copy of our media kit, email [email protected].

Media contact

We are happy to assist print, radio and TV journalists seeking independent expert comment on the premium travel market, airlines, frequent flyer schemes, trends and any related areas, including topical news issues as well as features.

Journalists, producers and researchers can contact Executive Traveller Editor-in-Chief David Flynn at [email protected], or call or text +61 418 110 080.

Note: this number is for use only by media, not members of the public.

Editorial staff

David Flynn (Editor-in-Chief) – [email protected]

Chris Chamberlin (Associate Editor) – [email protected]

Please note that our staff cannot provide readers with advice or other assistance. Questions can instead be posted in the Executive Traveller Community where 'peer support' may be offered by fellow readers.

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