Executive Traveller comment policy

By Staff Writers, November 1 2014
Executive Traveller comment policy

We encourage Executive Traveller readers to have their say through comments under articles and on Facebook as well as open discussions in our Community section.

We do not censor comments based solely on a point of view but we will delete comments that we consider to be off-topic and/or add no value to the subject; as well as comments that are abusive, contain foul language or spam.

Comments in languages other than English may also be translated into English or deleted at our discretion.

In order to reduce spam, some comments are automatically flagged for moderation, including those that include links to other websites. If your comment is flagged by our software, it will only be published once it has been approved.

Please do not post the comment again, or attempt to bypass the moderation system by re-posting a modified version.

Guidelines for commenting on Executive Traveller.

  • Focus on the subject of the article and add value to the conversation.
  • Don't attack others for their opinion: if you disagree, then make your case. But stay objective and stick to the topic.
  • Comments that are primarily an attempt to sell a product or service, promote another website or are for personal or financial gain will (as you'd expect) be deleted. User accounts responsible for posting such comments may also be deleted. Note that this includes the posting of any promotion codes or referral links that provide a benefit to the referrer, as well as comments with a commercial interest.
  • Also up for deletion: comments which centre on how an article has been written or presented, or which are less about the content of the article than about ET as a publication. If you want to make suggestions or offer constructive criticism, send an email to an editor – but 'comment clutter' will be edited or deleted as we see fit and at our discretion, in the interest of keeping things on topic and on track.