How to achieve Qantas Green Tier and unlock rewards

Pocket 10,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits by doing your bit for the planet.

By Staff Writers, March 18 2023
How to achieve Qantas Green Tier and unlock rewards
Executive Traveller x Qantas

Small changes can make a big difference, and by making sustainable choices more rewarding than ever before, Qantas is using the new Green Tier to mobilise its environmentally conscious Frequent Flyer members towards a more sustainable future.

As part of Qantas’ goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 – with a 25% ‘net zero’ milestone by 2030 – the airline is rewarding Frequent Flyers for making eco-friendly choices.

Members who complete enough sustainable activities to unlock the new Green Tier will have their choice of three rewards, including 10,000 Qantas Points, 50 Status Credits or for Qantas to offset an additional 3 tonnes of carbon on their behalf.

The best part about all of this, is that you’re probably already doing some of the things that could qualify.

Introducing the Qantas Frequent Flyer Green Tier

In March 2022, Qantas introduced the world’s first Green Tier for Frequent Flyers. The Green Tier sits alongside the existing Qantas Frequent Flyer Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One tiers.

Frequent Flyer members who make sustainable choices at home and when they travel can track their progress towards achieving Green Tier status in their Qantas Frequent Flyer account on or through the Qantas app.

By completing activities in at least five out of six sustainability categories, Frequent Flyers will unlock Green Tier and enjoy a unique Green Tier digital Qantas Frequent Flyer card, and the option to further showcase their sustainability by changing their Qantas App icon to the exclusive green edition.

What sustainable activities will help you achieve Green Tier?

Offset your flying

Qantas’ Fly Carbon Neutral program lets you offset the carbon emissions of your flight. It’s more affordable than you think, plus you’ll earn 10 Qantas Points per dollar spent on the offset.

More than one in ten travellers already tick the Carbon Offset box when booking their flight, Qantas doubles this impact by matching offset contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis, making this among the world’s most strongly supported airline carbon emissions programs.

Take a quiz

To better understand your individual impact on the environment, take the quick sustainability quiz on the Qantas Wellbeing app (a free download for Apple iPhone and Google Android smartphones).

You’ll earn 100 Qantas Points just for doing the survey; on top of that, the Qantas Wellbeing App awards you Qantas Points for other everyday activities ranging from sleeping (yes, sleeping!) to walking and exercising.

Enjoy a sustainable wine

The online Qantas Wine store offers a wide selection of sustainably-made wines by certified producers by some of Australia's leading names – including Leeuwin Estate, Penfolds, Tayors and Wynns.

Buying any of these eco-friendly wines counts as another step towards your Green Tier status and rewards – plus you’ll earn between 1 and 3 Qantas Point for every dollar spent.

You can also carbon offset your Qantas Wine delivery – this will count towards your Green Tier rewards if the wine or spirit you have purchased isn’t from Qantas’ ‘sustainable sips’ collection).

Book your next sustainable stay

Even taking time out from work counts as a reward-earning Green Tier activity when you wind down at one of the ‘sustainable stays’ available through Qantas Hotels.

Ranging from tropical escapes to city breaks and beach getaways, all these properties have earned an Earth-friendly tick through their own programs such as ethical food sourcing, local community engagement, renewable energy, water and waste management and preservation of surrounding habitats.

As with all Qantas Hotels, you’ll earn 3 Qantas Points per $1 spent on your booking – and if you’ve already reached Green status there’s an extra 150 Qantas Points per night.

Offset your car and home, or go solar

Another Qantas Green Tier category sees you rewarded for moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Carbon offsetting your home and car – based on your household’s emissions footprint including electricity, gas and petrol usage – works the same way as offsetting your Qantas flight.

Installing solar panels, battery storage modules and solar hot water systems from Qantas partner Solargain also counts towards your Green rewards – as if the rewards in saving money and the planet aren’t already enough.

Give something back

Qantas has selected four worthy organisations and projects for which a donation of at least $25 or 3200 Qantas Points counts as a Green Tier activity.

Those are the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, the Kimberley Land Council, OzHarvest and UNICEF.

How to earn Qantas Green status

Complete any single activity from five of those six categories across your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership year to see that Green badge added to your existing status and unlock your choice of 10,000 Qantas Points, 50 Status Credits or Qantas to offset 3 tonnes of carbon on your behalf. 

With Qantas’ help, it’s surprisingly easy to help in the battle against climate change and help preserve Australia’s special way of life for generations to come.