Inside Cathay Pacific's The Wing First Class lounge Cabana suites

By David Flynn, June 30 2014
Inside Cathay Pacific's The Wing First Class lounge Cabana suites

Stuck with a long stopover at Hong Kong airport? Head to Cathay Pacific's The Wing First Class lounge and make a beeline for the private Cabana suites.

Each of the five rooms is decked out with a day bed, shower and indulgent full-sized bath.

It’s just the ticket for chilling between connections or handling extended waiting times due to delays or cancelled flights.

The First Class section of Cathay Pacific’s flagship The Wing lounge is located on the upper level (level 7) of Hong Kong airport’s southern concourse, across from Gates 1 through 3.

The Cabana rooms have long been a hallmark of The Wing but the lounge’s 2013 makeover saw them upgraded into fully-private suites which more closely resemble an up-market day spa than an airport lounge.

Each Cabana suite packs a spacious shower area with ‘rainforest' shower-head.

If you'd rather a relaxing soak, step into the bath.

There’s also a couch which doubles as a day bed, although most blokes and many women will need to curl up a bit as the couch is on the short side.

It’s clearly intended more for relaxing than sleeping flat out, but either way the Cabanas aren’t ideal for a snooze.

While you can dim the lights in the suite there’s no way to turn down the background music.

And while The Wing is a silent lounge, without boarding calls, you’ll still hear any essential announcements such as paging a specific passenger or announcing a substantial flight delay or cancellation.

A welcome creature comfort for business travellers in transit is the pressing service.

Each cabana has a wardrobe that's accessible from the outside through a locked door.

If you've just stepped off one flight and are heading out on another, hang your shirt, trousers or dress in the closet, press the buzzer and lounge staff will unlock the outside door to the closet and whisk your gear away for a quick press – it’ll be returned to you in 10-20 minutes.

To snare a Cabana suite at Cathay Pacific's The Wing First Class lounge – indeed, to enter that lounge itself – you’ll need to by flying first class with Cathay Pacific (note that first class isn’t available on CX flights to and from Australia) or a oneworld partner, or be an Emerald-grade oneworld frequent flyer (including Qantas Frequent Flyer Platinum and Platinum One as well as Cathay’s own Marco Polo Club Diamond).

The Wing is open from 5:30 until the last flight departs late at night, but note that they can't be booked in advance – so it's a matter of first in, best dressed (and most rested).? If all five Cabana suites are in use you can put your name on a waiting list until one becomes available.

And how long can you stay tucked away in your Cabana suite?

Cathay Pacific asks guests not to exceed ninety minutes, although there’s no option to have food or drinks delivered to your Cabana – so run yourself a soothing bath and make the most of it.

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