Is Qantas Lifetime Silver status worth having?

By David Flynn, August 25 2016
Is Qantas Lifetime Silver status worth having?

My Qantas Frequent Flyer statement says I'm on the way to Lifetime Silver status – but is that a goal worth chasing and a card worth having?

Any frequent flyer status is better than none, especially if it's earned through your usual travel habits... but we'd have to honestly say that Qantas Lifetime Silver status doesn't really give you much to crow about.

As a refresher, you'll need to clock up a total of 7,000 status credits over the life of your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership to pocket a Silver card that's good for the rest of your life.

The benefits of Qantas Silver status are mainly useful if you'll be flying economy class most of the time, and include

  • earning 50% more Qantas Points on top of what you'd usually get on a Qantas or Jetstar flight
  • free seat selection on international Qantas flights
  • one free Qantas lounge pass per year, which is good for domestic Qantas Club lounges or international Qantas business class lounges
  • use of the business class check-in counter on international flights
  • more generous checked luggage allowance: pack an extra 12kg or bring one extra bag compared to the standard allowance in international economy and premium economy, depending on your destination. 

As we said, that's clearly better than having no status.

But for most Qantas travellers, Lifetime Silver status is more of a halfway marker on the road to Lifetime Gold status, which is really the sweet spot for a lifetime of welcome perks.

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19 Sep 2013

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One free lounge pass a year? Have been LTS for some time and haven't received any free passes. Perhaps this is because I also have life lounge access.


26 Jul 2017

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Curious, upon reaching lifetime Silver does this mean to achieve gold each year you only have to gain 400 status credits? ie 300 silver 700 gold is the normal base structure so presumably the jump up only needs 400. Or is this too easy.

No: you have Silver status for life, not a balance of 300 status credits for life. Reaching Gold continues to require 700 status credits in the first year and 600 to retain, or 14,000 status credits for Lifetime Gold.

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