Malaysia Airlines shortens expiry period for Enrich miles

By David Flynn, July 2 2014
Malaysia Airlines shortens expiry period for Enrich miles

Malaysia Airlines is cutting short the expiry date of Enrich miles earned in its frequent flyer scheme, with the changes also applying retroactively to miles you may already have sitting in your account.

Beginning from January 1, 2015, Enrich miles will expire at the end of the month three years after they were earned, rather than the current and more generous timetable of the end of third calendar year from when they were earned.

By way of example: if you picked up 1,000 Enrich miles on January 20th 2014, the current rules would see those miles hit their use-by date on December 31st 2017.

Under MAS' new system, those miles would vanish on January 30th 2017.

As you can appreciate, that's quite a difference – potentially almost a full year.

Where MAS has done a swifty is that it's decreed the new rules will apply to Enrich miles already in your account which are set to expire any time from January 1st 2015.

This means that Enrich miles you earned back as far as 2011 are safe, because they'll be expiring anyway come December 31st 2014.

But any Enrich miles you earned from 2012 onwards will have their expiry date calculated according to the new rules.

Platinum-grade members of MAS frequent flyer scheme are exempt from the new rules, however - as long as you retain Platinum status your Enrich miles will remain safely in your account.

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They need to up their game in their frequent flyer business.

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