Adelaide’s Plaza Premium Lounge now open for pre-flight relaxation

The pay-per-use haven also holds the honour of being Adelaide’s only international lounge.

By Chris Ashton, February 17 2023
Adelaide’s Plaza Premium Lounge now open for pre-flight relaxation

Jetsetters clearing customs and security at Adelaide Airport will discover a freshly-opened Plaza Premium Lounge waiting for them on the other side from today, with the new pay-per-use space unlocking its doors to travellers on any airline or class.

While not tied to any specific airline or alliance, it’s likely to be adopted as the default business class and frequent flyer lounge for many airlines, given it now holds the illustrious honour of being Adelaide Airport’s only international lounge.

This is despite the presence of carriers such as Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. Vietjet has also signalled it could be bound for Adelaide soon

Located in the international wing of T1, the lounge – described by Plaza Premium as “inspired by the Australian way of life” – is now open seven days a week for the morning rush from 7:30am to 12pm, except Mondays and Thursdays when it stays open until 1pm.

Lounge access can be pre-booked in two or five hour blocks via the Plaza Premium website.
Lounge access can be pre-booked in two or five hour blocks via the Plaza Premium website.

Inside, those who’ve purchased two hours entry online for $63.90, or five hours for $76.50, will be able to get their caffeine fix at the barista coffee station, as well as peruse a mix of local and international dishes (vegan and vegetarian options are included).

As is the case at Plaza Premium lounges in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, American Express Platinum card-holders enjoy complimentary entry to the new pre-flight hangout.

It’s worth noting, however, that alcohol is currently not being served in the lounge. Instead, those in need of hydration will find a selection of teas and soft drinks, as well as non-alcoholic beers, wine and mocktails.

An artist's impression of the lounge shows a mix of seating options, in addition to a sleek bar.
An artist's impression of the lounge shows a mix of seating options, in addition to a sleek bar.

High-speed WiFi and power outlets are supplied for those needing to do work or spool up a few movies before their trip, while a quick shower can also be arranged for an additional fee (with the relevant amenities provided, of course).

Other notable changes to Adelaide Airport’s loungescape included the opening of Virgin Australia’s first new-look lounge in early 2021, with work on a new Qantas Business Lounge and invitation-only Chairman’s Lounge slated to begin in the second half of 2023.

Plaza Premium Group, which also manages Sydney’s new-look SkyTeam lounge and the American Express Centurion lounges in Sydney and Melbourne, is the world’s first and largest independent airport lounge network, with a footprint spanning over 70 international airports around the world.

09 Jan 2023

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I'm from Adelaide and it still boggles my mind that there is no international lounge at an airport with multiple daily widebody international flights.

06 Sep 2018

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It boggles my mind there is no OW (well Qatar ) lounge. Now multiple Qatar departures a day (new Zealand and Doha) I think also multiple departures to Doha now too, plus Malaysia Airlines and Fiji (one world connect). Also VA flights to Bali where Qatar have an agreement with VA. But yes I arrived this morning, 3 x widebody aircraft in plus jetstar a320. Can't believe there is no lounge either

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

25 Jul 2013

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I wish I could get excited about this.

I guess I just miss the old Singapore Airlines lounge before covid shut it down. It was small, but very amenable for the daily morning departure - with a great breakfast spread, work stations, nice staff and decent showers too. Premium Plaza has a reasonable lounge in Singapore that Ive tried a few times, but it’s nothing to write home about in comparison. 

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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Good to hear, but yes our lil' old Adelaide SilverKris Lounge was great - showers, great staff, constant topping up of food n beverages, and small - like the old SilverKris Lounge at San Francisco  before it and the Eva Lounges were swallowed up by the United Polaris Lounge

13 Mar 2014

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Slightly off topic, but some of these Plaza Premium lounges are far from premium. Visited 2 of them recently in Malaysia - Langkawi and Kuching - and they were extremely ordinary. Only 1 food choice and although tasty, it was a very small portion. They also had small, crowded lounge areas. Obviously those locations are minor ports in the scheme of things, so temper my expectations maybe. But the PPL at Kuala Lumpur is not that much better.  

11 Jan 2023

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I have visited International Plaza Premium Lounge in Penang, Singapore and Sydney after pandemic, they are quite nice.  The interior design of Plaza Premium Lounge is better than the old Amex lounge in Sydney.  I enjoyed chicken rice at Plaza Premium Lounge in Singapore more than the food at Singapore Airlines lounges.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Nov 2018

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No alcohol….. expensive coffee and croissants 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 Feb 2015

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No alcohol, it's a no from

Jetstar Airways - Qantas Frequent Flyer

03 Jul 2018

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The "Artist's impression" clearly shows a functioning bar.  So what's the story? Is it gaining access to an alcohol licence or that it is only currently opened in the mornings?  $64 for a buffet breakfast and coffee ,seems a bit stiff.  Five star hotels charge less for what is probably a better breakfast and service. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

26 Jun 2011

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I'd take a guess and say the liquor licence is still waiting to be approved by the authorities.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Oct 2013

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are they not planning on being open for the evening Qatar flight?

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