Almost a million Qantas passengers are owed $600m in travel credits

Now’s the time to cash in your travel credit, Qantas says, as it offers double points on bookings.

By David Flynn, December 15 2022
Almost a million Qantas passengers are owed $600m in travel credits

The long cruel years of Covid’s impact on travel are largely behind us, and the seemingly endless waves of flight cancellations – largely driven by federal and state government border controls, but often in decisions made by understandably cautious travellers – has left almost one million people holding a staggering $600 million of travel credits with Qantas.

And while the airline says $1.2 billion in travel credits have already been used since domestic and then international flights resumed, it’s still carrying half that much again – with some would-be passengers owed upwards of $1000 in Qantas flights.

Earn double Qantas points on new bookings

In an effort to reduce that outstanding balance, Qantas is now offering double points on all flights booked using travel credits through to January 31, 2023 for travel by 31 December 2023.

This covers all domestic and international flights “with a QF flight number… where a Qantas travel credit was used for full or part payment and where Qantas Points are normally earned.”

Interestingly, the terms and conditions don’t insist the flight must be operated by Qantas, which indicates that codeshare flights with partners such as Emirates would also quality for this promotion, as long as it’s carrying a QF flight number.

Qantas says anyone holding travel credit – in the form of a Flight Credit, Qantas Pass, Qantas TravelPass or Qantas Credit – will receive am email inviting them to register for this promotion – and after registering, they can make their booking and look forward to a double haul of Qantas Points, calculated on the base rate of points earned.

Qantas estimates that 52% of all outstanding “Covid credits” held are between $100 and $500 in value, but “your credit doesn’t need to cover the cost of the booking for you to receive double points, as long as you use the entire value (of the credit), “ explains Qantas Group Chief Customer Officer Markus Svensson.

“For example, a family of four flying economy return to London could each receive an additional 18,600 bonus points just from putting a single $50 credit towards the booking.”

It’s worth noting that all Covid-based travel credits issued during the pandemic expire at the end of 2023.


11 Jul 2014

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I've got six travel credits with QF, but I am not sure if I will use them by the expiration date. The main point for this is the actual cost of buying a new ticket; I'm still out of pocket even after using the travel credit.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

06 Oct 2016

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Ditto, I went to Sydney on the weekend for social purposes (ie perfect to use credits) and it was cheaper in REX business than Qantas economy after the credit...

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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Sooner or later, someone in Qantas - someone who wasn't employed as a favor to (or request of) the CEO or Chairman - will put on their thinking hat and allow flyers to allocate some (or all) of their credits to a 'long-life category' of, say, 10 years in return for those credits being limited to cover no more than, say, 50% of the published airfare.  Years and numbers can be tweaked.  

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Jun 2019

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Exactly, as an example why would anyone pay Qantas $5500+ for JNB-SYD next year when I can book (and have) on Singapore for $3750....

The embarrassing $50 Joyce sent me to bribe my foregiveness went in the bin.

Better A359 hard product, no appalling on board service to endure and an extention from CPT-JNB at NO extra cost.

I won't be paying Qantas cash for a flight ever again. And when my points are all used it's Krisflyer only. 

My hard earned Qantas pts and status has been abused by Joyce with no/little award availability. My detestation for all things Qantas now grows after every PR announcement from this despicable company.

05 Mar 2015

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Count me among those with several thousands in travel credit. Good offer to get double points but I am going to sit on my credit for now because there's no way Qantas will not come up with another promotional offer next year as the credits get closer to expiring. For Qantas customers to lose tens of millions in travel credit would be an absolute PR nightmare so Qantas will do everything it can go encourage people to make credit bookings. I reckon next year we will see a 3x points offer and then a double status credits offer, and the DSC offer is the one I'll be waiting for!

Good plan QFP1, count me in the same boat re: thousands in travel credit. Double points or even triple points doesn't appeal to me nearly as much as double status credits. If Qantas does a DSC promo against travel credit bookings I'll be quick off the mark, and will also time my bookings against my new membership year for maximum benefit.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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Why you ruthless . . . conniving . . . opportunistic . . . cunning . . . hustling . . .  artful . . . calculating . . . shrewd flyer -you.  

I'd do exactly the same thing.  Very clever thinking (I tip my hat).


23 Oct 2015

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The other problem is the co-bookings. I have nearly $10k of 'credits' with Qantas but it's split between my wife and myself. The fares were booked together, to travel together but the credit system doesn't work that way, each person needs to have their own booking to use the credit and I don't trust qantas not to put one of the split bookings on another flight leading to hours of effort to try and fix.

I'm not waiting for the DSC, I'm waiting for the ACCC and the inevitable class action. They have $600 large of our money and you can't use it for what you originally paid for.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Oct 2012

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Yes I'm also waiting for a DSC offer.  Hoping we see one offered in Feb or early March...  With much less work travel I need it...  

25 Jun 2018

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All that $600M - cash in the Q bank account, invested on the money market pays AJ’s salary & bonus etc.  Not surprised that it is not being refunded.

12 Dec 2012

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They still owe me money as well.

In July 2021 when the New Zealand travel bubble was open, I booked a trip for November 2021. Then Sydney got Covid, then spread it to half the country and NZ shut the bubble, so the flights were cancelled.

Qantas never gave me any options of what to do about the cancelled flights. I finally got a reply from them when I was working out a booking in July. But I had already completed the booking (1 week trip last October) when I got response, so I asked for a refund.

I was owed $434.95 and 61480 points.

I got the points back with no issue, however they only refunded $237.68.

& this week Qantas was dumping seats to LAX from BNE, SYD & MEL for $1290 rtn. (I was looking in March).

And group seats are even cheaper ... 10 seats on same dates to LAX, SFO or HNL from BNE, SYD, MEL or ADL for only $9990.

Mortgage stress is really kicking in, especially for those who were on low fixed rates & now have to pay double or triple.

05 Jan 2018

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how do you price up group seats? thx

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