Earn triple Velocity Points on Virgin Australia flights

Now, how game are you to book flights almost a year in advance...?

By David Flynn, April 12 2021
Earn triple Velocity Points on Virgin Australia flights

With travel-cruelling border closures hopefully behind them, airlines are now pulling every lever to help get Australians back in the air.

Virgin's latest ploy: a triple serve of Velocity frequent flyer points on bookings made until April 25, for flights from June 1 2021 through to March 8 2022.

That means you've got just 13 days to make your bookings, but almost a year to take those flights – ideal for planning ahead, and of course handy for topping up Virgin's coffers.

Depending on the type of ticket you purchase, you could "earn a whopping 15 Points for every $1 spent on eligible Virgin Australia domestic flights," the airline claims.

As to the meaning of "eligible", this offer is pretty wide open: the fine print specifies only that it's a "domestic flight marketed and operated by Virgin Australia" unless that domestic leg is "part of an international journey" and "booked and ticketed in a fare class that normally accrues points."

To get in on the 3 x Velocity Points action, members need to activate the offer at velocityfrequentflyer.com or in the Velocity app.

Qantas, meanwhile, recently ran a Double Status Credits offer and has also launched a 'fast track' status match which includes Virgin's Velocity frequent flyers, and those of 15 other airlines around the world.

Applications for the status match close on April 30 2021, with three months – through to 31 July – to pocket 100 status credits and mint Qantas Gold status for a full year.

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People need to start being smart about who they fly with now with all these offers from different airlines. For example I worked out I can get VA Platinum in 4 months, and QF Platinum in 7 months, once I hit 800 status credits with VA I might as well push on with QF and have both options so my challenge to VA is what are they going to do for myself to fly VA 12 months of the year?

I agree, these days you really want to have status with both Qantas and Virgin. I'd say Gold is the baseline, as this gets you lounge access, extra checked luggage etc. There might be many companies which will now look at Virgin's cheaper airfares and push their staff to fly Virgin instead of Qantas, so you may as well have Velocity Gold up your sleeve. Qantas Gold would be easy to get with the Qantas fast track status match as long as you have status with one of the eligible airlines to begin with.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Aug 2011

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Nope. No way I'd give VA money for something more than four weeks out. Good luck getting a refund if Bain decide to pack it in. 

09 Aug 2015

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While I'm fairly confident of Virgin 3.0 being a success, seeing the changes that the airline's been making and its focus on being its own self aimed at the broader market instead of a Qantas clone, there's just no way I would feel confident booking a whole bunch of trips until March next year just to earn extra points. The airline industry is a complex one and if Virgin goes belly-up again, not saying it will or its likely to but you can't rule it out, and if that happens then I'll have done my dough and all my Velocity points won't be worth much either.

So yeah, I'm happy to make some necessary forward bookings for the middle of the year to lock in the low prices but I'm not going out of my way to book anything more than what I have to.

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