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Boeing to restart 737 MAX test flights this week

20 months after the first fatal crash and 15 months since the jet was grounded, the Boeing 737 takes to the skies again.

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British Airways' first Boeing 787-10 makes its debut

The super-stretched Dreamliner will arrive at London Heathrow this Sunday morning.

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Alan Joyce buckles in for a second Qantas turnaround

The Qantas CEO's last program turned airline losses into record profits, but how much of this new challenge is beyond his control?

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UK wants open borders to Australia

A traffic light system will help restart UK travel, however Australia might not give Britain the green light.

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What Bain Capital's Virgin Australia 2.0 will look like

Keen to know the shape of the new Virgin Australia? We've pulled it together for you.

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Bain wins: US investment giant takes control of Virgin

The deep-pocketed Boston-based global investment giant will take the stick at Virgin Australia 2.0.

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Bain's vision for Virgin 2.0: what's a 'hybrid' airline?

Bain Capital will reposition Virgin as a mid-market player – here's what that means for Australian travellers.

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Cyrus abandons Virgin Australia bid

Virgin's administrator slammed for "lack of engagement" with the Branson-affiliated investment giant.

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Qantas to suspend most overseas flights until mid-2021

International travel looks to be largely off the agenda for most Australians.

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Qatar maps out Boeing 777 retirement timetable

The Gulf carrier maps out a retirement plan for its long-distance workhorse.

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SQ and Vistara make inroads into Emirates, Etihad markets

Singapore Airline's India affiliate Vistara sees demand for direct, non-stop flights rather than hub stopovers.

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Alan Joyce hasn't given up on Qantas Project Sunrise

Project Sunrise and those Airbus A350s remain on the radar, it's just a matter of 'when'.

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Qantas to mothball its flagship Airbus A380s until 2023

Alan Joyce says the mighty superjumbo is likely to stay grounded "for at least three years."

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Qantas seeks $15bn savings in post-Covid recovery plan

The three-year 'rightsize, restructure and recapitalise' plan will see most of Qantas' international fleet grounded to mid-2021.

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Qantas retires entire Boeing 747 fleet

If you never got to fly on the upper deck of the Qantas Boeing 747, you've missed your chance for good.

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Qatar plans "exclusive" Boeing 777X first class suites

The compact luxury cabin would feature on a handful of Boeing 777-9 jets on premium routes such as London and Paris.

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In the coronavirus era, Qatar charts a bold new flightpath

"I always have said that every downturn has an opportunity," Qatar Airways CEO tells Executive Traveller.

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Qatar to continue Brisbane flights until late October

The Gulf carrier runs three flights a week between Brisbane and its Doha hub, where scores of UK and European flights await.

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