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Seoul City Airport: your in-town fast-track

Forget checking-in at the airport: in Seoul, you can leave your bag in town, and zip through the crew lane when it's time to fly.

Chris C. |

Perth Airport to welcome Aspire pay-per-use lounge

With panoramic views and top-quality nosh, Aspire will be Perth Airport's first independent lounge for international travellers.

Brandon Loo |

Singapore to scrap paper arrival cards

Changi Airport is now trialling electronic arrival cards which will eventually replace those white slips of paper.

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London Heathrow: leave liquids, laptops in luggage

London's Heathrow Airport is splashing out on new computed tomography (CT) baggage scanners over the next three years, whi...

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US Global Entry trial for Australian citizens

Australian citizens could be a step closer to fast-track entry into the USA with plans for a local trial of the Global Entry pr...

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UK to open ePassport gates to Australians

UPDATE: 21 MAY 2019 | Australian travellers can now swipe their passports at the automated e-passport gates of all UK airports,...

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Singapore's shiny new Jewel

Typically, a handful of empty hours between flights gives you a chance to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. But at S...

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Brisbane Airport trials new speedy security tech

One of the biggest hassles of international travel has to be the airport security checkpoint, where passengers have to fish lap...

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When are arrival Express cards handy in Australia?

This article is part of our ongoing Business Travel 101 series for newcomers to the world of business travel. When returning h...

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AKL express path is opening up for Qantas

Qantas expects its trans-Tasman flyers to once again enjoy access to Auckland Airport's express lane in the coming weeks. The ...

David Flynn |

Fast-track your transit at Hong Kong

TRAVEL TIP | Hong Kong is a popular stopover point, especially for travellers on Cathay Pacific flights to Asia, Europe and the...

David Flynn |

Taiwan opens passport e-Gates to Aussie travellers

Aussie travellers jetting to Taiwan or stopping over in Taipei on journeys with China Airlines and EVA Air can now expedite the...

Chris C. |

Here is how Perth Airport will look in 2025

New airline lounges with direct access to boarding gates, airport hotels and an automated people mover connecting domestic and ...

Brandon Loo |

Qantas facial recognition trial in Brisbane

Qantas has begun Australian trials of new technology to store your passport in a smartphone app and rely on facial recognition ...

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Guide to connecting to the USA via Vancouver

While many Australian travellers bound for US east coast cities like New York will default to flying via Los Angeles, Vancouver...

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Travelling to Turkey? e-Visas on arrival axed

Passengers jetting to Istanbul, Ankara and other destinations in Turkey who need a visa to enter the country – a roster t...

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Istanbul's new airport opens

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened one of the world’s largest airports on Monday, declaring completion of the ...

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Dubai Smart Gate passport control fast-track

Australian passport holders can zip through Dubai Airport like a local, by registering their passport with Dubai’s Smart ...

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