Korean Air claims "the most spacious A380"

By Michael Flux, October 28 2010
Korean Air claims

Korean Air's first A380 aircraft is in the final stages of production, the airline recently announced. 

The carrier will be fitting the aircraft with between 400 and 450 seats, which is far less that the A380's 853 seat capacity. Korean Air claims their plane will be "the most spacious A380 anywhere", which is no small boast.

Singapore Airlines' A380 has 460 seats, while Qantas planes have 450. It's unclear how levels of seating will be divided, so which class will have the biggest improvement in space is not yet known.

The first plane will be delivered in May next year, with the whole 10 getting rolled out from 2012 to 2014. You'll be able to catch the aircraft on short-haul routes in Japan and East Asia, before it's brought to long-haul trips in Europe and the US.

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