Woolworths reboots Woolworths Rewards as Everyday Rewards

After a four-year stint as Woolworths Rewards, the program reverts to its former name: and yes, you can still earn Qantas Points.

By Chris C., July 31 2020
Woolworths reboots Woolworths Rewards as Everyday Rewards

Woolworths Rewards is once again known as Everyday Rewards, in a marketing move that makes the scheme less supermarket-centric.

It’s a strategy Woolworths’ closest competitor Coles has used for some time – branding its loyalty program not as ‘Coles Rewards’, but as Flybuys, in which members can earn points on everything from credit card spend and travel bookings through to phone and energy bills, car hire and more.

In an email sent to Woolworths Rewards members, the company said, “it's our mission to meet the everyday needs of our members, beyond groceries, and we're continuing to evolve and expand our partners,” hinting of things to come.

“So, we felt the name ‘Everyday Rewards’ better showed our commitment to providing our members more value, every day.”

Woolworths' new Everyday Rewards membership card.
Woolworths' new Everyday Rewards membership card.

For the time being, the change is in name only: instead of Woolworths Points, shoppers will now earn Everyday Rewards Points, at the standard rate of one Everyday Rewards Point per dollar spent at participating stores.

While Woolworths is actively promoting that members can “collect up to 10 points for every dollar you spend,” this is only applicable under some ‘bonus points’ deals, which must be manually activated by email or the Everyday Rewards mobile app before shopping.

Otherwise, when no such bonus points offers apply, the earning rate is one tenth of this headline figure, as it was before.

Earning Qantas Points via Everyday Rewards

Also as before, for every 2,000 Everyday Rewards Points earned, members can choose between a $10 discount at the checkout, or converting that bounty into 1,000 Qantas Points, as mirrors previous arrangements under Woolworths Rewards.

Members of Woolworths Rewards are now automatically members of Everyday Rewards, and don’t need to do anything differently to continue earning points.

All existing points in members' accounts remain safe, with the shopper’s rewards preferences also intact.

Existing Woolworths Rewards membership cards will also continue to work as normal, so there’s also no need to exchange them for a fresh card under Everyday Rewards.

However, the rebrand will likely confuse some Tasmanian shoppers, who were told earlier this week that Woolworths Rewards would replace the state’s Frequent Shopper Club program from early August.

Now, Everyday Rewards replaces Woolworths Rewards, which in turn will replace Frequent Shopper Club, which is being phased out.

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