Why you should set your sights on Qantas Lifetime Silver status

Lifetime Silver isn't just the half-way point to Lifetime Gold: it's your ticket to a raft of perks for the rest of your life...

By Staff Writers, April 27 2022
Why you should set your sights on Qantas Lifetime Silver status

Lifetime Silver status in the Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme is often seen as a mere stepping stone on the path to Lifetime Gold, but don't underestimate this shiny card.

Qantas Lifetime Silver status has a lot going for it, and not just when you're flying with Qantas.

When international travel returns, benefits can also be enjoyed on partner airlines such as Air France, Emirates and KLM, plus Oneworld alliance members like American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and more.

While the benefits of Qantas Lifetime Silver don’t extend to unlimited airport lounge access, memberships like Priority Pass or even Qantas Club can cover you for this anyway – and when paired with a Qantas Lifetime Silver card, they provide an overall travel experience comparable to being a higher-tier Gold frequent flyer.

Here’s why you should set your sights on Qantas Lifetime Silver status.

The best perks of Qantas Lifetime Silver

While there’s plenty to like about being an elite frequent flyer for life, these three benefits stand out from the rest.

Priority check-in plus extra checked baggage

Forget joining the back of the economy check-in queues: with a Qantas Lifetime Silver card in-hand, you’ll instead zip through the business class or Premium Service check-in lanes with Qantas, Emirates, and every Oneworld alliance airline, even if you’re flying economy.

On most Qantas and Emirates international flights, you can also bring an extra 12kg of checked baggage over and above the allowance shown on your ticket – except on Qantas flights to North and South America, where you can bring one extra bag when booked in business class or premium economy, or two extra checked bags when flying economy.

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When taking a Qantas domestic flight in economy, the normal 1x23kg baggage allowance is boosted to 1x32kg, and when flying with American Airlines, your first checked bag (of up to 23kg) is also free, even if flying on a ticket with no checked baggage included.

With Air France and KLM, Qantas Lifetime Silver members can also pack an extra 12kg of luggage on flights using the weight system, or one extra checked bag on flights using the piece system.

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Priority boarding

Qantas Lifetime Silver status sees you recognised as a Oneworld Ruby frequent flyer, denoted by the red gemstone on the front of your Qantas membership card, under the Oneworld logo:

Not only does that unlock priority check-in perks across the alliance, it also gives you priority boarding with a few airlines as well: namely, American Airlines (with Group 4), British Airways (with Priority Group 3), Japan Airlines (with Boarding Group 3), and Malaysia Airlines (with business class).

Emirates also extends a blanket offer of priority boarding to its own Skywards Silver members – treating them just like Platinum and Gold – and as Qantas Silver appears in a similar way on Emirates boarding passes, Silver cardholders shouldn't encounter any problems.

Priority boarding for Lifetime Silver frequent flyers isn’t offered on Qantas flights, or with most other Oneworld member airlines – but if you’re flying with one of the five airlines above, your experience at the airport becomes just a little more like Gold.

Complimentary seat selection

Planning to fly with Qantas internationally, even on the lowest-cost economy tickets?

As a Lifetime Silver frequent flyer, standard seat selection fees are waived for you and everybody else travelling on the same ticket from the moment you make your booking: you’ll only be charged a fee if you select an extra legroom seat.

With British Airways, your Oneworld Ruby status entitles you to complimentary seat selection from seven days before your flight – handy even if flying business class where BA still levies seat selection fees – with any remaining exit row seats available for selection within 24 hours of departure.

On Cathay Pacific flights, extra legroom seats are complimentary from the moment you book, and can now be selected online once your Qantas Lifetime SIlver number has been attached to your booking.

Even more benefits for Qantas Lifetime Silver

Rounding out the roster of perks, Qantas Lifetime Silver members earn 50% more points than Bronze on Qantas, American Airlines and Jetstar flights, provided the total number of points exceeds each airline's Minimum Points Guarantee.

While that’s of little benefit on short flights (such as Sydney-Melbourne) where the Minimum Points Guarantee gives Bronze and Silver members the same number of points, it’s more useful on longer routes such as Brisbane-Melbourne, and on international flights, where 50% more points on a journey to London can make a big difference.

When using your points to upgrade to premium economy, business class or even first class on a Qantas flight where upgrades are waitlisted, your request takes priority over entry-level Bronze frequent flyers, which could be the difference between flying up the front and sitting down the back.

Similarly, when calling Qantas, your call will take priority over Bronze members.

Don’t expect the phone to be answered on the first ring – or even in the first few minutes – because as you’d expect, Chairman’s Lounge, Platinum One, Platinum and Gold frequent flyers take higher priority.

Finally, Qantas sometimes reserves extra Classic Flight Reward seats for Silver frequent flyers and above, so if you’re trying to use your Qantas Points to book a flight and aren’t having much luck, try searching again when logged into your Lifetime Silver account and see if that changes.

How to qualify for Qantas Lifetime Silver

Qantas Lifetime Silver membership can be yours after earning 7,000 status credits over the lifetime of your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership – and that’s no easy achievement.

It’s equivalent to retaining year-by-year Silver status every year for 28 years, qualifying for Qantas Gold 10 times over or qualifying for Qantas Platinum five times.

Even though your status credits are normally wiped at the end of every membership year, Qantas keeps a tally in the background of all the status credits you’ve ever earned: and you can check your progress by logging into the Qantas website, browsing to the main My Account page, and clicking “see all status activity”.

Scroll down the page and you’ll spot “Lifetime membership”, and your own personal tally:

In this example, the traveller has earned about 72% of the status credits required to achieve Lifetime Silver, and needs to earn a further 1,961 status credits to lock-in Silver for life.

For seriously high flyers, Qantas Lifetime Gold can also be yours after amassing 14,000 status credits – but for many people, Qantas Lifetime Silver, paired with an airport lounge membership or the right credit card, can be just as useful and twice as easy to achieve.

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24 Dec 2013

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Do you get a complimentary Qantas lounge pass every year for life?

05 May 2016

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Yes, but that’s for one person before one one way flight at QF operated lounges excluding the one at LAX. Digital invitations are more annoying to use than the paper passes were.

You can pickup extra invitations from credit cards.

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

Note that the Silver lounge invitation is only issued if you current status is at the Silver level. If you have Gold (or above) status then you wouldn't get the lounge invitation until/unless you drop back to Lifetime Silver, as Gold (and above) status includes lounge access.

01 Feb 2018

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You are able to book extra legroom seats online for free on Cathay as a QF Silver at the time of booking

24 Apr 2012

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Hi Jason, thanks for the update: I tried this only a couple of months ago, and the exit row seats weren’t available for selection online but could be secured over the phone. I’ll have to take a look on my next CX flight to see if there’s been an update.

01 Feb 2018

Total posts 5

Chris - I was able to do it at Christmas time. The only reason I discovered it was because I was trying to work out whether to buy Marco Polo so experimented with the booking. QF definitely was free for seats that were charged under Asia Miles.


01 Jun 2016

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The Cathay exit rows are terrible. I am a 6'2 guy and went for the exit row. Not only the width of the seat are smaller it was further reduced by the additional mechanics of the display screen that are associated with exit row. The airhostess was nice and told me to take 2 seats at the backrow seats.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

21 Jan 2014

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Great article Chris, I am a year or so away from lifetime Silver and didn’t realise the perks for One World partners that you get with it, certainly puts it in a new light for me.

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

Lifetime Silver certainly would be nice to have, but Lifetime Gold is definitely still what I'm aiming for though whether I make the latter I'll have to wait and see.

I have friends that have never/hardly ever held higher status than Bronze. Being ahead in the upgrade queue of the bulk of passengers is the main benefit in my opinion.

03 Nov 2014

Total posts 92

Silver is a good one to have when travelling on AA in the US. From memory allows you & 7 people on your booking to avoid paying US$20-$25 for bags per person.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

20 Nov 2017

Total posts 108

Yeah, but you have to fly Qantas to achieve it!

05 May 2016

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You can fly on a QF ticket on Emirates metal or a Oneworld operated flight and earn SCs. For lifetime status there's no segments on QF requirement.

If you don't like flying QF though you'd probably be better off using a different FF program.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

31 Aug 2012

Total posts 214

Does the bonus component of DSC promotions accrue towards LTS or LTG?

24 Apr 2012

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All status credits earned throughout the life of the membership count towards the Lifetime tiers, including bonus status credits.

05 May 2016

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That's a key reason why I use DSC promotions and why I've chosen to do significant travel with QF that I might not have otherwise done with QF or even at all.

With DSC promotions especially you can fast track your progress towards LTS or LTG.

04 Jun 2018

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@Chris, good article highlighting the perks of QF lifetime silver. I just wanted to clarify your point about being entitled to one free piece of checked luggage even when not included in the fare as I myself benefited from it in a recent MEX-LAX leg on AA. What was the outcome of the “Basic Economy” fare class debates where some airlines chose not to recognise frequent flyer status from their own programs when flying on those nominally “heavily discounted” fares ? Does AA recognise QF and/or OW status if the fare class is “Basic Economy”? Cheers.

23 Feb 2015

Total posts 268

As someone who is LTS but a long way from LTG, this article is great! Even more so after recently changing to a job with far less travel involved. Thanks Chris :)

23 Feb 2015

Total posts 268

A query I have is whether LTS plus qantas club membership is better or worse than the credit card / pp membership options presented above, especially if most travel is domestic but even if international?

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

QANTAS Club is useful if most travel is booked as QF marketed tickets. QANTAS Club won’t give you Lounge Access if flying on an Emirates marketed ticket for example.

If travelling QF marketed tickets some of the benefits of LTS over Bronze are also things that a QANTAS Club Bronze member would get.

23 Feb 2015

Total posts 268

Thanks mviy:)


16 Nov 2012

Total posts 59

My LTS plus Lifetime QC are pretty good substitutes in the QF universe, but I've been Gold for about 15 years but am too old to earn lifetime. I'll miss Gold eventually but the others are not a bad substitute.

11 May 2018

Total posts 15

Thanks Chris for another great, in-depth article on QF lifetime silver. My husband has lifetime silver and it really came into play when we were in Orlando recently and flying AA. The check in queue was a mile long and we just sailed on to the premium check in.

The queues in the States are much longer than what you encounter on the NZ/OZ scene. That qf lifetime silver is an incredible perk in that it’s FOR LIFE. It is enabling us to get away from the pretty sub standard offering you get for being a very frequent flyer with Air New Zealand airpoints.

And as you say the priority pass means you really don’t have to fly ridiculous amounts to get status that enables lounge access. Many thanks once again Chris. Enjoy your articles.

24 Apr 2014

Total posts 274

Great to hear, I’m almost there

Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

02 Jul 2018

Total posts 41

If you have OneWorld Emarald annually it is no point to switch to QFF and earn LifeTime Silver/ Gold. If there is LifeTime Platinum it is more attractive.

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

That's if you can fly enough to reach LT OWE on one of the carriers that offer it.

Also only QANTAS status and QANTAS points apply for upgrades on QANTAS flights and you have to be on a QF marketed ticket too.

It depends on what your goals are that you can realistically achieve, who you normally fly with etc.

27 Jan 2015

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My flight on Monday will tip me over to lifetime silver. Took 3 years of solid flying to get there. Next aim, lifetime gold...but I have a feeling that'll take me another 8 years to get to!

Thanks for the article, Chris. Great reading.

17 Feb 2016

Total posts 24

Great and timely article. Next year I need 480 status credits to reach lifetime silver. I wonder if/when Qantas may next have a double status credits promotion ?

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

Last year there was a targeted (only for those who got the email) DSC promo in September. Whether they do another one this year is anyone’s guess.

I hope they do a DSC promo open to everyone next year. I’d guess an offer sometime in February-May would be most likely for that.

QF keeps these a surprise and the booking window is very brief.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

16 Dec 2011

Total posts 14

Hi Chris - I noted for my LATAM flight this morning to Sydney from Auckland that the business queue had the oneworld Ruby logo on it, so I presume that you’ll also have priority boarding for them.

29 Mar 2017

Total posts 23

LATAM have left the Oneworld alliance so presumable it's just old signage.

23 Aug 2012

Total posts 33

I still don't understand why QF isn't offering lifetime platinum. The odd reality is: BA only offers lifetime platinum, AY offers all the levels. Outside Oneworld, there are a bunch offering lifetime Star-Gold, but except for QF there is no airline that offers a lifetime status, that keeps it's top status from being acquired for lifetime.
Being a lifetime QF Gold, my options now are to hope for someone at QF to wake up, or move over to say BA. But then start from scratch, since I don't think they'll give a me a boost to their lifetime Emerald.

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

Lifetime Platinum some would think would lead to crowding of First Lounges and cost QF too much.

The bar could have to be set very, very high that it's out of reach for almost everyone.

I hope that QF introduces LTP but I'm not holding my breath. Despite this being at the top of the wishlist of many of their top frequent flyers QF has repeatedly refused to introduce it.

I'll try to get to QF LTG, but even if I reach that I doubt I'll be flying enough for a switch to BA to provide a realistic path to BA LTG (LT OWE so long as BA remains a member of OneWorld and they don't devalue their LTG).

31 Aug 2018

Total posts 6

good article

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Apr 2018

Total posts 7

LTG for more than 6 years. Been waiting ever since for Qantas to introduce Lifetime Platinum.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Jul 2017

Total posts 18

petdav, Same here have beenLTG for years, still adding status credits every year as usually Platinum each year. As Platinum one offers not much more than Platinum and I am unlikely to hit that level there is no real incentive to continue to fly with Qantas once I have passed the threshold every year (beyond FF points which I usually have a lot of). Once I have hit platinum I start looking for cheaper fares with other airlines to get advantages there.

13 Jun 2018

Total posts 2

If flying Finnair you also get priority boarding your boarding card will say group 2, usually group 1 & 2 are allowed on together 1st. We also got priority screening flying cattle class.


03 Aug 2020

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This is a great article Chris. Whilst not at LT Silver yet hopefully I will be by the time the year is out. I am a little confused with the current airport offering though. For a long time there have been no priority counters open at the domestic airports with staff directing you to the self check in machines. I noted yesterday in Sydney that the counters were open. I wonder if Qantas has now changed this. Would be great if they have. And would continue to be a great perk for those entitled to use the priority check in.

05 May 2016

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Priority check-in is particularly valuable for international flights as they obviously want to see your passport and verify you can fly to check your bags in.

If international borders reopen later this year I too may reach LTS as soon as later this year.


03 May 2013

Total posts 660

Aiming for LTS/LTG is worth it. Weather you fly a lot or not,  it can make a world of difference from the booking process to the airport and of course the in-air experience. I'm LTG/Plat and would be lost without the benefits of status.  LTG is an amazing pension plan to strive for! While LTE is ridiculously unrealistic for most and a little arrogant at 75K SC's, I'm forever thankful I reached LTG.

19 Apr 2013

Total posts 10

I don't know why Qantas doesn't recognise the LF status (even in part) year on year. For example, LTS still needs to earn 700 status credits to upgrade to Gold for that/subsequent year. There is no recognition of the Lifetime status level. Even if they made qualification at the renewal rate, this would be something (i.e. 600). 

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

Lifetime Status with QANTAS is designed to cushion the blow when your travel drops off by not having a fall back to Bronze. It's not designed for making it easier to level up your status (though the benefits of lifetime status may encourage you to fly QANTAS more than you otherwise would).

19 Apr 2013

Total posts 10

I know a couple of LF Golds who have felt more comfortable flying other airlines once this milestone was reached - and not pursued Platinum. So your theory may be why, but it's not necessarily the smartest move. If you don't fly as much as you once may have Gold and Platinum may be too much of a stretch despite the benefits.

05 May 2016

Total posts 630

Make it too easy to get status and the lounges could get too crowded. There is a trade-off and rightly or wrongly QF has decided to do things the way they do them.

If QF changed the rules that you only needed 1200 SCs to get Platinum if Lifetime Gold, then Double Credits MEL-SYD-SIN-LHR return in business would be enough to level up to Platinum off just the one trip.

04 Dec 2013

Total posts 149

I'm platinum (have been for years) and I'll be lifetime gold in the next year or so.

But I changed jobs a few years ago and other than Covid-related extensions I'd have had very little chance of keeping platinum now.  

If lifetime gold gave me a boost towards platinum each year, I'd make a concerted effort to push for platinum.  But as it stands, I'm gold regardless so I've got very little incentive to favour Qantas for the sake of status.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer - Chairmans Lounge

01 Sep 2011

Total posts 410

I have a suggestion for Qantas and it would bring huge goodwill to the airline, I think. The pandemic had an effect on those trying to attain lifetime platinum (or any lifetime status for that matter). I was probably 5 years from lifetime platinum (I've been Plat1 some years) in 2019 and now I've lost two years for attaining lifetime platinum not being able to travel. Why not credit people with what they had in 2019 also for 2020 and 2021? It would help achieving that lifetime goal.

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