Qatar Airways tips 'mini-Qsuite' business class for Airbus A321neo

By David Flynn, February 14 2019
Qatar Airways tips 'mini-Qsuite' business class for Airbus A321neo

Qatar Airways will launch a new business class seat on its forthcoming Airbus A321neo jets, slated for delivery in the second half of this year, with what's tipped as a high-privacy design which might best described as a single-aisle version of the highly-regarded Qsuite.

The same seat will also grace the pointy end of Qatar's long-range Airbus A321LR fleet, ten of which will arrive in Qatar strip from 2020 to serve further-afield growth markets or add extra flights to popular routes.

Qsuites on a single-aisle jet? Not quite, but if anybody could get close, it'd be Qatar Airways...
Qsuites on a single-aisle jet? Not quite, but if anybody could get close, it'd be Qatar Airways...

However, don't expect to see a fully bespoke effort with anywhere near the revolution factor of the audacious Qsuites.

Speaking with the AviationAnalyst websiste, Qatar Airways CEO His Excellency Akbar Al Baker admits that the business class is "a seat model that’s not in (the) Qatar Airways fleet".

This points to an existing yet sure-to-be-highly-customised design, although that will certainly be picked from the most premium single-aisle product offered by any seat manufacturer.

"There will be lots of privacy," Al Baker added of the A321neo and A321LR business class seats.

True to Qatar Airways' form, travellers should expect to see a heavily customised seat with high quality fittings and finish plus plenty of small yet thoughtful touches when it comes to personal space, comfort and convenience.

With their cutting-edge business class cabin, Qatar's A321neo and A321LR jets will edge out the current A320 family which flies a variety of business class, from old-style armchair recliners to lie-flat 2-2 seats.

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Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Mar 2015

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The A321 Neo is something VA should buy for their Transcontinental and regional Pacific operation , the Qatar one looks great and is exactly what is needed for this service.

It would be perfectly suited , much better than the B737 Max.

Having crew trained on the A321 would enable them to quickly move on to the A330 when needed as the cross qualification time is only a few days. Airbus are probably finding a need for for new customers seeing as the A380 will be ceasing production soon , good time to buy.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Sep 2017

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This is something Qantas should consider...A321's flying domestically with their suite!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Nov 2018

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I agree with flyingcuggers

Qantas really should start looking at something other than the outdated 737.
Imagine flying across the Tasman or across Australia in something that was similar to the Qsuite. Being swapped from an A330 to an old chugger B737-8 makes me feel cheated out of my fare. Being swapped for a Qsuite...

Certainly the red roo 737 Business seats are not the best out there and an upgrade would be much appreciated. However we live a pray that we will never see the Euro "Business" seat model here. (aka row of 3 Y-class with an empty middle seat)

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