Save up to $497 on Qantas Club with ANZ's Frequent Flyer Black Visa

By Chris Chamberlin, August 14 2018

Want to save up to $497 on the cost of your Qantas Club membership, with the added opportunity of earning uncapped frequent flyer points on your everyday spends plus a bonus 100,000 Qantas Points and $200 back to your card?

It’s easy – get your hands on the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa credit card, and you’ll be able to join and renew your Qantas Club membership at discounted rates, while also earning up to one Qantas Point per $1 spent on your regular Visa purchases.

Here’s how it works: if you’re signing up to the Qantas Club as a new member, the normal $399 joining fee is completely waived via ANZ. The yearly membership cost is also reduced by $98, taking the normal cost of a new one-year membership from $939 to $442, for a solid $497 saving.

After a year, you can then renew your membership for a further 12 months at a $98 discount, paying $442/year as opposed to $540 (at the current rates).

While many frequent travellers already enjoy savings by purchasing higher-priced two-year or even four-year memberships at a reduced rate, ANZ’s offer of paying year-on-year still proves better value for new customers.

For example, a regular traveller joining the Qantas Club with a two-year membership would ordinarily pay $1,379, including a $399 joining fee and a $980 membership charge for the 24-month period: but through the ANZ deal, the cost after two years would be only $884 (2x$442), a $495 saving.

It’s a similar scenario for a typical four-year membership, which normally sells at $2,249, comprising a $399 joining fee and an $1,850 membership charge – yet through ANZ, paying year-on-year would cost $1,768 at the current rates, an overall saving of $481.

To take advantage of this, you’ll just need to call Qantas on 13 11 31 and mention that you’re an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card holder, and pay for your discounted membership using your ANZ Black credit card: don’t join via the Qantas website, otherwise you won’t get your discount.

ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa: the other key perks

For eligible new customers, ANZ tips things in your favour with an offer of 100,000 bonus Qantas Points when you apply and spend $4,000 on eligible purchases in the first three months from approval: enough for a return business class trip from Australia to Indonesian destinations like Jakarta and Bali/Denpasar.

You can also receive $200 back on your card statement by meeting the same criteria: reducing the overall ‘cost’ of the card’s $425 annual fee to $225 in the first year.

Typically, “eligible purchases” are transactions that ordinarily earn points, such as retail shopping, paying for flights and hotels, most bill payments and other general spend, as opposed to things like BPAY transactions, cash advances and payments to the ATO: but if in doubt, just ask ANZ for clarification.

Cardholders old and new can also earn one Qantas Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $7,500 per monthly statement period, and 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent thereafter, uncapped – so regardless of how much you spend, you’ll continue earning points year-round.

When spending directly with Qantas in Australian dollars, you’ll also take home an extra point per $1 spent above your normal everyday earning rate, covering transactions such flight bookings and that Qantas Club membership purchase.

That boosts your haul up to two Qantas Points per $1 spent – or 1.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent, if you’ve already hit the $7,500/month ceiling – on top of any points you’d earn when taking a flight.

If you’d rather get a feel for Qantas’ lounges before splashing out on a year-long Qantas Club membership, the card also provides two complimentary Qantas Club lounge invitations every year, good for access to domestic Qantas Clubs and most international Qantas-operated business class lounges when travelling with Qantas or Jetstar.

Even if you have a year-round membership, these digital passes can be useful for bringing extra guests into Qantas-operated lounges – over and above the usual allowance of one complimentary guest for paid Qantas Club members – or can be gifted to friends or family members to use on their own travels.

For more information about the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Visa credit card, or to apply, visit the ANZ website.

Chris Chamberlin

Chris Chamberlin is the Associate Editor of Executive Traveller and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, a theatre ticket and a glass of wine!



20 Aug 2018

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Just wasted 40 mins trying to get a discount with my Anz FF Black Visa neither ANZ of QF know anything about it !!



20 Aug 2018

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HI Chris can you shine some light on this article as both QF and ANZ did not know anything about this offer

Chris Chamberlin

Chris Chamberlin

24 Apr 2012

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Information on this is published on the ANZ website, where we’d suggest you bring to their attention.

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