Virgin Australia Guides

Why some Qantas ‘window seats’ don’t have a window

Not every window seat is actually next to a window, so here are the seats to avoid…

How to unlock the best Virgin Australia seats

Want the seats which Virgin reserves for top frequent flyers and VIPs? It’s just a matter of timing…

Virgin Australia restarts flights from Brisbane to Vanuatu

Queensland-based Velocity frequent flyers can now ‘answer the call of Vanuatu’ in a single hop, a...

Virgin Australia makes a long-awaited return to Samoa

The South Pacific paradise is now back on the cards for Velocity frequent flyers.

Review: Virgin Australia inflight WiFi

Executive Traveller puts Virgin Australia’s new inflight WiFi service to the test...

Cathay Pacific brings first class back to Beijing, LAX

The popular ‘open suites’ bring more of the world under their wings.

Using your Australian passport at Hong Kong’s e-Channel

Skip the queues at Hong Kong Airport by registering for access to the time-saving automated passp...

How to unlock the best Qantas seats using the ‘T-80’ rule

The inside tip for grabbing the best seats which Qantas usually reserves for top-tier frequent fl...

Etihad changes Virgin award rates: who wins, who loses?

How this week’s sweeping changes to Etihad’s partner airline scheme impacts your Virgin Australia...

Europe’s ETIAS visa waiver delayed until 2024

Following multiple delays, the online visa waiver system will now take off from 2024.

Virgin Australia’s double status credit promo ending soon

Supercharge your Velocity status credits balance on flights as far off as March 31.

Qantas, Virgin, Rex: extra legroom seats compared

Flying economy is easier when there’s enough legroom to stretch out and even cross your knees for...

Star Alliance status match for Qantas, Emirates and more

The 2023 challenge is your shortcut to as many as 18 months of top-tier frequent flyer perks.

Status hold schemes: Qantas vs Virgin

How do the parental pause benefits for Qantas and Virgin Australia frequent flyers compare?

How to recover lost Qantas frequent flyer points

Discover how the Qantas Points Challenge makes it easy to recover all of your missing points.

Your guide to flying Qantas with children and infants

Whether you've had an addition to the family or you're preparing for your next trip, here's your ...

Guide: Flying Virgin Australia with infants, children

There's a lot to know when travelling with kids – here's the run-down when you take to the skies ...

Virgin beats Qantas to the punch with international WiFi

Virgin Australia's inflight WiFi is coming back: here’s what you need to know.