Telstra boosts iPad data expiry to 365 days

By danwarne, November 18 2010
Telstra boosts iPad data expiry to 365 days

Telstra has announced a new annual prepaid Next G plan which will keep 3G iPads connected on the excellent Next G network for just $12.50 a month.

The new plan which includes a micro-SIM, 12GB of data and a 365-day expiry for $150 is an ideal choice for even reasonably heavy data users, who don't want the hassle of frequent top-ups.

Telstra's initial iPad plans were hailed as being surprisingly good value when the iPad was first announced -- but users soon noticed that the plans all expired in 30 days, which limited the 'prepaid' aspect of them, as data credits expired each month just like a postpaid plan. The new $150/yr plan solves this problem.

However, international travellers will still face hefty roaming bills if they use their Telstra SIM card in their iPad overseas. Although Telstra does now offer some prepaid global roaming packs which bring the cost down to $2.66/MB (for example, a 60MB global roaming pack costs $160), these rates are still poor value compared to getting a SIM card from a telco in the destination country.

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