• Qantas dom doesn't have to make much money, that was my point - they can make money from overseas+ int to dom connections+ FFers who collect points to use on international flights (those who perefer expensive dom flights for points) That's why I said 'once things get slighlty better' or in other ...

  • Please tell me you're seriously not giving an example from a domestic market of 215 Million people.. In a 25 million populated country, a domestic carrier fighting with 2 large and 1 low cost carrier is destined for doom. They can have the most fabulous FF program in the world, including offering...

  • Doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to travel though..

  • TXL was a disgrace to whole nation.. I’m glad they finally opened this.

  • lol.. told you so everyone.. unless an effective cure or vaccine is found, forget about international travel.

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