• Be aware the hot lunch buffet offering usually stops at 2:30pm, so then it is sandwiches & salads & soup so most of the 4pm flights (NZ149 to BNE & NZ109 to SYD) will just miss it & the dinner offering on Air NZ is tasty but very small (I prefer Qantas for this reason).

  • With the new setup, (about two months old), the express pass misses all the normal passport queues and most of the security queue. It is worth it in the peak holiday season only. Outside of December/January, I have seldom been held up in the normal queues, on weekday afternoons.

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  • I saw in the United rules: Premier membership materials will be not issued for the 90-day Offer Period. You may enjoy Premier benefits on United®- or United® Express-operated flights by providing your account number when making reservations or at check-in. During the 90-day Offer Pe...

  • Sim card - Europe

    Apr 04, 2018, 04:58 PM

    I've spent a while researching for my impending RTW trip & have decided on GiffGaff UK SIM (posted to Aus address) & the AusPost Travel SIM $25 for emergencies/very short stays or until I buy a local SIM.

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