• Good article, thanks Chris.Must say it’s very unfortunate that QFF club members are not given access when booking through an award flight. Bordering of duplicitous, considering lounge access on Jetstar when flying to Denpasar - where you have a choice to fly QF.

  • AFP Engagements on Domestic Flights

    Sep 10, 2018, 08:50 PM

    Originally Posted by John Phelan What was the rude hand gesture, and - more importantly - what preceded it? Well the hand gesture in question was the middle finger. However it wasn’t given with any aggression just an offhand screw you. It should also be noted that despite feeling this way ...

  • AFP Engagements on Domestic Flights

    Sep 10, 2018, 01:01 PM

    Hello Fellow Travellers, Long time reader, first time poster. As we're all aware the frequency of bad behaviour, ('air rage') in our skies is getting plenty of media coverage and appears to be on the rise. Many of these incidents involve the AFP at our major airports. I wanted to get a sense from...