• CX brings PE to AKL

    Apr 23, 2013, 07:45 PM

    KG: my bet is on it remaining the old coffin class J - CX have previously stated that they have no intention to upgrade their A340s and B747s to the new J product. I really hope that they do upgrade it but not waiting with bated breath...

  • "Also note that mobile phones can’t be used on-board, regardless of whether or not flight mode has been selected." ... and when has this ever stopped anybody on a Chinese flight haha?

  • As a general rule for Y redemptions, QFF is still generally cheaper on one-way, whereas AM is cheaper on return.

  • I would caveat spinoza's point to say that CX SL only gives you access to a lounge if you're flying on CX metal or CX codeshare (ticketed by CX) - this is a CX-exclusive benefit and is not an OW mandated benefit if you were otherwise an OW Sapphire (CX GO) or Emerald (CX DM). Don't get the ...

  • No - you don't earn any tier bonuses on CX MPO. You would only earn a cabin bonus of 1.25x per mile or 1.25 sectors, regardless of whether you were GR (green, which is equivalent to QF Bronze), SL, GO or DM. Sorry.

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