• how accurate is it ?

  • why would you buy a mechanical watch when Breitling have great quartz watches ,very accurate and practicable .I have two of them

  • The advantage in flying from SYD is that the choices of direction depending on the weather. Sometimes we would fly past South Aus and many times past South West Tas. I enjoy sometimes seeing ice burgs around halfway. From Perth it is head wind most of the time. Returning is straight home. Livin...

  • I have had a few upgrades on points to business and usually find out when my points are deducted before Qantas notifies me.So keep an eye on your points balance.

  • Mar 27, 2017, 02:20 PM

    I am lifetime gold earned by many trips to  Africa on business on QF63 and return.  I live in Tasmania and QF 63 has just passed over  me on its way, skirting the Antarctic .What was frustrating I had to fly to SYD the night before only to see the flight on many times , flying over...

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