• What do you mean you have a AUD credit card with a US billing address?

  • My attempt has hit the rocks. Received the rejection email overnight. Called Alaska Air- they said its been restricted to American and Canadian customers as of late last week. Pretty much said my card had red flags because its international..  (Australian card- and my mailing address is S...

  • If its the case that no Australian can by miles- I think the author owes an apology to the readers- or at the very least- an amendament to the story to better explain the process. I'm sure there's been countless Aus-BT'ers that have wasted time on this process- purely from reading this article.

  • Did the author of this article actually go through the entire process- or was it just speculation?

  • Wow...  What a bummer. Did anyone actually complete the purchase 'without' a US credit card / address?

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