• Adampies I had the same explanation: "Health & Safety issues" when I was surprised by the low weight allowed in economy carryons.. We had to take heavy items from my wife carry on and put them in a coat pocket so all was OK. I could not help annoying the agent by pointing out that in busine...

  • Typical pseudo-security nonsense like the no liquids rubbish.  Marvelous for business travelers who only carry hand bags...now they have to carry a suitcase for their lap top to rattle around in....madness 

  • Qantas Cash travel money card

    Jul 13, 2016, 06:38 PM

    The Qantas Cash Card is a Joke - Last year in Australia I cosidered activating this card but at that time was told they fixed the pin and it was not changeable . As this was daft - you write down the pin as it is not one you easily remember and the security is zero.  They have now altered th...

  • Major alliance connection policies

    Jul 01, 2016, 05:16 PM

    The round the world ticketsof the various alliances have become very bad value dropping from 29 sectors (when they started) to a measly 15 or 16.  It seems now that checking bags through when connecting on different airlines is now the only reason to use them.  The three main alliances ...

  • Did silk air have traffic rights between cairns & darwin - if so that would be useful and are all triangle routes being discontinued?

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