• Hallelujah! I been waiting for this for years! Maybe Ill fly this route now and not go via HKG! No one wants to go to Terminal 1, worst place in the world.

  • The Premium Y in the 787 sucks... just a useless seat... tray table and room... They should design new Y+ for the 380's!

  • Qantas to Emirates (Seperate ticket)

    Jun 20, 2019, 12:11 PM

    Nope Qantas is tight when it comes to separate tickets. They won’t do it. I just told no, quite rudely in fact traveling last month. But coming home Emirates were only too pleased to accommodate. It’s amazing the vastly different experience you get from Qantas to Emirates, especially ...

  • No sure but as of August 1st is showing A359 on both flights, until Nov 1st, then it is showing back to 777's!

  • Yes they do, I just got them on Monday nights flight BKK SYD