How Virgin Australia family pooling can fast-track Velocity status

Family pooling lets you combine frequent flyer points and status credits.

By David Flynn, November 29 2021
How Virgin Australia family pooling can fast-track Velocity status

Your parents always told you it was good to share, but we doubt they had frequent flyer points and status credits in mind. All the same, if you're finding yourself falling short of reaching Velocity Gold status, sharing could be the key.

Why are we calling out Velocity Gold? Because as with most airline rewards programs, that's where the best and most practical business travel perks kick in – such as lounge access, priority checkin and boarding, extra checked luggage and a decent serve of bonus points each time you fly.

But if your travel is limited, so are your chances of stepping up the frequent flyer ladder from Silver to Gold.

Fortunately, Virgin Australia has a fast-track fix for this: if other members of your family are also flying with Virgin, you can have their status credits – and frequent flyer points, for that matter – automatically funnelled into your account.

So while none of you may be doing enough flying to earn that valuable Gold card, combining your status credits could see at least one of you – the one who does the most flying – elevated to the Golden realms.

This 'family pooling' of points and status credits is a unique trait of Virgin Australia's Velocity frequent Flyer scheme – Qantas doesn't offer such a facility as yet.

So if you and others in your family are flying with Virgin Australia, Velocity Gold status could well be within your grasp.

Of course, if some of your family members fly quite often and at anything other than the very cheapest fares, family pooling could catapult one of you to Platinum.

Why it’s cool to pool

A return flight between Melbourne and Brisbane or the Gold Coast, for example, on Virgin's Economy Choice fares will earn 40 status credits per passenger.

For a family of four, that's 160 status credits – almost a third of the way to the 500 status credits needed to earn Velocity Gold for a single flyer.

You can have up to five family members sending their status credits into to your account, provided you all share the same street address.

Velocity also limits the age of family pooling members: up to two members can be 18 years or over, and up to four members can be under 18 years of age.

Family Pooling is set up through the Velocity account of each family member who will be donating their status credits to you.

It's easy to set up Family Pooling in your Velocity account.
It's easy to set up Family Pooling in your Velocity account.

To set it up, have each family member log into their  Velocity Frequent Flyer account, select the My Velocity tab and in the Quick Links sidebar, click on Family Pooling and then follow the instructions.

They can choose to have just their frequent flyer points sent to your account, or points and status credits.

Family pooling tips

If you encounter any difficulties when setting up family pooling, make sure the mailing address on each account is identical: pooling requests are automatically declined unless this matches up.

Unlike manual family transfers – which are limited to frequent flyer points – family pooling automatically moves points or points and status credits across to your account as soon as they're earned.

These earnings aren’t subjected to the annual limit imposed on points transfers, making it easy to keep everybody’s points in a central account and ready to use on that free 'reward seat' when the moment strikes.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

26 Feb 2016

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If you and your spouse can earn 1000 credits per year in total, a better idea is to maintain a platinum card and a gold card: the first year you pool all credits to your account and get your platinum card; the second year you pool all your credits to your spouse's account to get her/him a platinum card, meanwhile your platinum card downgrades to gold but it is still pretty good; the third year you again pool all credits to your account and upgrade your gold card to platinum, while your spouse's card downgreades to gold, and so on. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

13 Dec 2015

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I use family pooling. It was the main reason I switched from Qantas. It's great that I can keep all the status I am paying for. That being said, it got me from gold to platinum but it also gives me assurance that I will kept my status. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Feb 2012

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or you can pool it all to one card get platinum then at 1500 SC you can gift a gold level membership... 

25 Jan 2013

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I have just got lifetime gold. What can I achieve now apart from points. No lifetime platinum 

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